Each year the Cytokinetic Mafia selects one paper from our reading list as the "Paper of the Year". This paper is voted on by Mafia members and represents what we feel is the BEST paper that we read that year in our electronic journal club. Voting occurs in the summer. This in no way means that we did not like the other papers as there are many good papers published each year, hopefully more each year, on cytokinesis!

Winner 2002-2003:
Aaron F. Straight, Amy Cheung, John Limouze, Irene Chen, Nick J. Westwood, James R. Sellers, and Timothy J. Mitchison. 2003. Dissecting Temporal and Spatial Control of Cytokinesis with a Myosin II Inhibitor.
Science. 1743-1747.

Winner 2001-2002:
Matthieu Piel, Joshua Nordberg, Ursula Euteneuer, and Michel Bornens (2001). Centrosome-Dependent Exit of Cytokinesis in Animal Cells. Science. 291: 1550-1553.


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