The Cytokinetic Mafia is designed precisely for people who are passionate about cytokinesis! We are tired of cytokinesis being an afterthought in journal clubs, and of hearing groans every time the word cytokinesis is mentioned. To ensure proper representation of our cause, we have founded the Cytokinetic Mafia. Our group is predominately a journal club, but we're also much more! Not only is it a great way to meet other people who share your passion for cytokinesis, but it is also a fun way to keep up with the current literature on cytokinesis.

Our rules for membership are...
1) You must be passionate about cytokinesis.
2) You must read the paper of the month.
3) This is a secret club: Remember, cytoplasm is thicker than buffer!

We have a happy hour each year at ASCB so everyone can meet, and as always, talk about cytokinesis. We also have a secret handshake. This must be kept confidential. Also, anything said in the context of emails to each other regarding the paper of the month is strictly for members ears and eyes only!

-The Cytokinetic Mafia


Note: The opinions expressed here are those of individual or groups of Cytokinetic Mafia members. The opinions are in no way associated with the Salmon Lab nor with any individual lab or institution where members are employed.

To contact us, email webmaster Julie C. Canman: