Mafia Papers for Fall 2003 and Spring 2004

Month of February 2004
T. Raemaekers, K. Ribbeck, J. Beaudouin, W. Annaert, M. Van Camp, I. Stockmans, N. Smets, R. Bouillon, J. Ellenberg, and G. Carmeliet. 2003. NuSAP, a novel microtubule-associated protein involved in mitotic spindle organization. The Journal of Cell Biology. 162(6): 1017-29.


Month of January 2004
G. Pereira and E. Schiebel. 2003. Separase regulates INCENP-Aurora B anaphase spindle function through Cdc14. Science. 302(5653): 2120-4.


Month of December 2003 (Selected by Rebecca Cheeks)
Anne Royou, Christine Field, John C. Sisson, William Sullivan, and Roger Karess. 2003. Reassessing the role and dynamics of nonmuscle myosin II during furrow formation in early Drosophila embryos. Molecular Biology of the Cell. published online December 2, 2003, 10.1091.


Month of November 2003 (Selected by Samantha Zeitlin)
G. Minestrini , A.S. Harley , and D.M. Glover. 2003. Localization of Pavarotti-KLP in Living Drosophila Embryo Suggests Roles in Reorganizing the Cortical Cytoskeleton during the Mitotic Cycle. Molecular Biology of the Cell. Oct;14(10):4028-38.


Month of October 2003(Selected by Huefei Liu)
B, Rothwell W, Mische S, Hickson GR, Matheson J, Hays TS, Gould GW, and Sullivan W. 2003. Actin cytoskeleton remodeling during early Drosophila furrow formation requires recycling endosomal components Nuclear-fallout and
Rab11. The Journal of Cell Biology. 163(1):143-54.


Month of September 2003 (Selected by Christine Field)
Canman, J.C., Cameron, L.A., Maddox, P.S., Straight, A., Tirnauer, J.S., Mitchison, T.J., Fang, G., Kapoor, T.M., and E.D. Salmon. 2003. Determining the position of the cell division plane. Nature. 424:1074-1078.



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