Growth Chamber for Time Lapse Imaging of Budding Yeast
Coverslip Preparations
Immunofluorescence Protocols and Solutions
Preparing Simple Profusion Chambers*
Basic Protein Chemistry in the Salmon Lab
Tissue Culture of PtK1 Cells
MT/Organelle Motility Assay*
Membrane Mixes: Variations on a Theme*
Preparation of Rat Liver Cell Cytosol and/or Organelle Fractions*
Preparation of Sea Urchin Sperm Axonemes*
Preparation of Porcine Brain Tubulin*
Common Buffers*
Newts and Newt Culture

*=As published in...
Waterman-Storer, C.M.  (In press)  Microtubule/organelle motility assays.  In: Current Protocols in Cell Biology, J.S. Bonifacino, M. Dasso, J.B. Harford, J. Lippincott-Schwartz, and K.M. Yamada, eds.  John Wiley, NY.


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