1. Cut pieces of double stick tape into 25 x 5 mm strips.  Adhere two strips of tape to the center of a slide; they should be side-by-side, 3 mm apart and  parallel to the long axis of the slide.
  2. Retrieve a single squeaky clean coverslip from the storage jar with Dumont #5 forceps.  Dab the edge of the coverslip to remove any large drops of ethanol, quickly pass it through the flame of a Bunsen burner, and allow the ethanol to burn off.
  3. Center the coverslip over the tape strips on the slide and adhere the coverslip to the strips of tape, pressing firmly with the back of the forceps to make a good seal.
  4. Prepare several perfusion chambers (~20) and store them in a slide storage box until use.

    *=As published in...

    Waterman-Storer, C.M.  (In press)  Microtubule/organelle motility assays.  In: Current Protocols in Cell Biology, J.S. Bonifacino, M. Dasso, J.B. Harford, J. Lippincott-Schwartz, and K.M. Yamada, eds.  John Wiley, NY.

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