Chad G. Pearson, Paul S. Maddox, E.D. Salmon, and Kerry Bloom. (2001) Budding Yeast Chromosome Structure and Dynamics during Mitosis. The Journal of Cell Biology. 152 (6): 1255-1266.

Figure 2
Pre-anaphase centromere proximal lacO marker oscillations with Gfp marked spindle poles.

Figure 3
Pre-anaphase Cse4-Gfp labeled centromere oscillations.

Figure 4a
Anaphase A centromere proximal lacO marker movement to Gfp marked spindle poles.

Figure 4c
Anaphase A Cse4-Gfp labeled centromere movement to Cfp marked spindle poles.

Figure 4e
Anaphase A Gfp-Tub1 microtubule "tuft" shortening.

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