Mitosis and Cytokinesis in a PtK1 Cell
Stero movie of a mitotic spindle in a mammalian cell
          by Julie C. Canman and Elise Shumsky        
Get out your Red-Green 3-D glasses for this one!

3D image of a prometaphase cell labeled for DNA and tubulin
          by Paul Maddox and Julie C. Canman
Phase contrast microscopy of M-phase in femxle rat kangaroo kidney epithelial cells                             
          (PtK1 Cells)Notice both kinetochores on one chromosome were attached to the same pole at anaphase onset
          by Julie C. Canman and Paul Maddox

Mitosis and Cytokinesis in a Newt Lung Cell
DIC microscopy of cell division in a newt lung cell
          by Vicki Skeen and E.D. Salmon

Speckled Spindles

Waterman-Storer, C. M., A. Desai, J. C. Bulinski and E. D. Salmon. 1998. Fluorescent speckle microscopy: Visualizing the movement, assembly and turnover of macromolecular assemblies in living cells. Current Biology. 8:1227-1230.

Waterman-Storer, C. M. and E. D. Salmon. 1998. How microtubules get fluorescent speckles. Biophysical Journal. 75:2059-2069
Fluorescent speckle microscopy of metaphase MT dynamics
or try 2x Zoomed
          by Clare M. Waterman-Storer

Fluorescent speckle microscopy of in vitro mitotic Spindle MT dynamics
or try 2x Zoomed
          by Arshad Desai and Clare M. Waterman-Storer


Anaphase in vitro
Desai, A. P. S. Maddox, T. J. Mitchison and E. D. Salmon. 1998. Anaphase A chromosome movement and poleward spindle microtubule flux occur at the same rates in Xenopus extract spindles. Journal of Cell Biology. 141:703-713.

Anaphase in vitro
          by Arshad Desai and Paul Maddox

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