C. elegans Movies
        Caenorhabditis Films and Videos
A visual introduction to the model roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans.
This page has links to timelapse films made by C. elegans researchers worldwide.
For more information about the worms, see Wormbase.

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RNAi Screens
Larvae and Adults
4D Movies

C. elegans develops from a single cell, the fertilized egg, to a 558-celled worm in about 14 hours.  The worm that crawls out of its eggshell has a functioning feeding apparatus, gut, nervous system and muscles.  These videos show some of the events that occur along the way.
C. elegans development
                    goldstein lab
Normal Development

from us
goldstein lab cortical flow
Cytoplasmic Flow

from us
first cell cycle
First Cell Cycle

from Tony Hyman's lab
Munro Myosin par proteins microtubules
Myosin, PARs, Microtubules

from the Center for Cell Dynamics

from Cheeks et al 2004
p granules brangwynne
P granules

from Brangwynne et al 2009
kemphues par-2
PARs and par mutants

from Ken Kemphues' lab
par mex pie-1
PARs, MEXs, PIE-1, Microtubules

from Cuenca et al 2003
elegans embryo actin comet piano velarde
Actin Comets

from Velarde et al 2007
actin plasma membrane blebs blebbing Roh-Johnson

from Roh-Johnson and Goldstein 2009
C. elegans cav-1 caveolin

from Sato et al 2006
mitotic spindle
                    asymmetric cell cycle goldstein lab
Timing Spindle Displacement

from McCarthy Campbell et al 2009
desai histones microtubules
                    gamma tubulin
Chromosomes, Microtubules

from Desai et al 2003
karen oegema
Chromosomes, Microtubules

from Oegema et al 2001
Histones, Microtubules, gamma-Tubulin

from Hannak et al 2001
Hannak Histones microtubules
Histones, Microtubules, gamma-Tubulin

from Hannak et al 2002
Goldstein Lab Jean-Claude Labbe CIMS
Microtubule Tips

from Labbé et al 2003
cytokinesis gastrulation bowerman
Cytokinesis and Gastrulation

from Severson et al 2002
nuclear envelope Jon Audhya C. elegans
Nuclear Envelopes, Fertilization, Plasma Membranes

from Jon Audhya's lab
pie-1 gfp

from Reese et al 2000
left right axis
Spindles Skewing

from Bergman et al 2003
Membranes, Cultured Cells, Microtubules

from Skop et al 2001
pop-1 gfp rothman

from Joel Rothman's lab
                      goldstein lab jen lee

from us
gastrulation priess

from Nance et al 2003
actomyosin contractions apical constriction
Actomyosin and Membrane Dynamics

from us
                    elegans gastrulation Harrell Goldstein
Later Gastrulation

from us
elegans embryo histone z series color
Histones and Nuclear Envelopes

from the Galy lab
Mohler membranes

from Bill Mohler's lab
pes-1 gfp hope

from Ian Hope's lab
C. elegans ventral enclosure
Ventral Cleft Closure

from Chisholm and Hardin
dorsal intercalation hardin
Dorsal Intercalation

from Jeff Hardin's lab
C. elegans morphogenesis movies
Epidermal Morphogenesis
from Chisholm and Hardin

ventral enclosure hardin
Ventral Enclosure

from Jeff Hardin's lab
junctions hardin
Junctional Integrity in Epithelia

from Jeff Hardin's lab
Ventral Enclosure

from Ronen Zaidel-Bar's lab
elongation pettitt
Embryonic Elongation

from Pettitt et al 2003
goldstein lab apoptosis movie
Cell Death
from us

Phenotypes from RNAi Screens
RNA interference has been used to screen nearly every gene in the genome, to determine which genes have essential functions during development.
Pierre Gönczy Tony Hyman RNAi screen Cenix
from Hyman and colleagues
from Piano and colleagues
Ahringer RNAi
from Ahringer and colleagues

Larvae and Adults
The hatched embryo proceeds through four larval stages and becomes an adult producing its own embryos in just 3 days. The hermaphrodite adult has 959 cells, plus the eggs and sperm that contribute to the next generation.
goldstein lab crawling C. elegans worm
Worm Crawling

from us
fluorescent GFP crawling C. elegans worm
Fluorescent worms crawling

from The Morimoto lab
Behavior and Oxygen
laser axotomy axon regeneration Chisholm lab
                      C. elegans
Laser Axotomy

from Andrew Chisholm's lab

from Randy Blakely's lab
Neuronal Growth Cone Migration

from Knobel et al. 1999
vale lab unc-104 kinesin movie
Kinesin in Neuronal Culture

from Klopfenstein and Vale, 2004
vesicles motor program
Vesicle Trafficking & Defecation

from Mike Nonet's lab
calcium flash signaling
Calcium Transients in the Pharynx

from Roger Tsien's and Bill Schafer's labs
sperm and worm behavior
Sperm & Worm Behavior

from Sam Ward, via WormAtlas
worms mate
Mating and Ovulation

from Paul Sternberg's lab
C. elegans ovulates

from Miller et al 2001
C. elegans
Calcium Transient at Fertilization

from Samuel et al. 2001
caveolin barth grant

from Sato et al 2006
worm meiosis

from Frank McNally's lab
green fluorescent protein c elegans gfp
Fluorescent Worms Crawling


C. elegans injection

from Sam Ward's lab

Labbe McCarthy FRAP Microtubules
Centrosome Ablation
& Photobleaching

from us

4D Movies
Some of these videos use Quicktime VR.

                  university of wisconsin madison
Early Divisions

from John White's optical & computational lab

worm membranes
Membranes, EFF-1, Histone

from Bill Mohler's lab

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