Themes of Recent University Seminars and Talks to Professional Audiences


What is theory in ecology?  What is a theory of disturbance?


The search for generality in studies of disturbance and ecosystem dynamics


Recasting the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis in a multipatch frame


Environmental Ethics in a Patch Dynamic World


Species richness, endemism, and scale


Latitude, the glacial boundary, and high levels of endemism in the Southeastern United States


Patterns of species richness in the temperate forests of Eastern North America and Eastern Asia


Beta diversity: here, there, and everywhere

Linking ecology and horticulture to prevent plant invasions

The Conservation Garden

Themes of Recent Talks to General Audiences

Stories of North Carolina's wildflowers, ecology, and botany, from the Greenland sandwort in Appalachians and the highest mountains east of the Mississippi to the most northerly ranging palms and epiphytic orchids on the coastal plain

The Conservation Garden

The All Taxa Biological Inventory in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Turn the Poet Out of Doors: A Natural History of Robert Frost; A Natural History of Robert Frost II

Left Brain, Right Brain:  Plants in the Arts and the Sciences

The Bartrams and Quaker Botany

The Ecological and Evolutionary Lessons of Spring

The Ecological and Evolutionary Lessons of Fall

Faith in a Seed