Prospective Students:


If you are interested in applying to UNC graduate school, drop me a note HERE.  If you are interested in plant ecology, conservation biology, and related topics, you may also wish to contact several of my colleagues:  Bob Peet (Department of Biology and Chair, Ecology Curriculum), Charles Mitchell (Department of Biology), Alan Weakley (Curator of the UNC Herbarium), Johnny Randall (Assistant Director for Conservation and Natural Areas, North Carolina Botanical Garden), and Aaron Moody (Department of Geography), as well as others associated with the Curriculum in Ecology, the Department of Biology, and the Institute of the Environment. Browse the faculty and students in these programs (and on the web sites I’ve linked) to get a sense of whether we are a good place for you.


You also have a choice between applying to the Curriculum in Ecology and Department of Biology.  Both are good choices and I’d be happy to discuss the differences between these programs with you.  The choice depends also on who you are and where you are headed after graduate school.  You may also wish to check out the North Carolina Botanical Garden and the UNC Herbarium (a unit of the Garden).


Speaking of graduate school admission, I find this to be very much a matching process, rather than one that is concerned only with past academic performance or research experience.  Can we give you what you need to succeed in your chosen area and for your specific career aspirations?  Do you fit into the research programs that are running here?  We can explore these questions by email, by phone, or in person—and a visit to campus is often a great way to explore the potentials.  We do hold graduate student weekends (usually in February or March), but we also encourage students to visit on their own—with those visits often starting in September and running into February.  Anyway, the place to start is a conversation


One terrific advantage to graduate school at UNC OR Duke University is the interplay between the two campuses.  Regardless of which you attend, you can take classes and have committee members from the other institution.  Our students interact with a variety of Duke faculty, but I want to especially note our colleague Dean Urban who has been a valuable contributor.