Lab photo above from May 2019 with a subset of former and current lab members–(L to R) Alex Samano, Hannah John, Jeeyun Lee, Chris Willett, Jorge Santana, Sarah Slay, Maryann Bowyer, and Meggan Alston

Dr. Thiago Lima

Jeeyun Lee

currently works at Abterra Biosciences in San Diego CA

Graduate Student EEOB; PhD. 2015


Graduate student in EEOB; PhD. 2021


Dr. Bao Rong

Erin Burch

Research Technician from 2007 to 2013

Professor at Hebei Normal University, Hebei, China

Visiting researcher in lab in 2018

Nedria Thomas, Christian Prosperi, Chris Willett, Jeeyun Lee, Stephanie Hopkins-Spencer

Current and former lab members

Summer 2016

Devon Allen, Allison Hedvall, Jeeyun Lee

Copepod outreach at NC Science Festival 2016

former lab members

Jeeyun Lee, Inna Kovaleva, Sean Rankin, Stephanie Hopkins-Spencer, Christine Son

Lab enjoying Korean food made by Jeeyun in spring of 2015

Former lab members

Christine Son, Devon Allen, Judith Mendez-Segovia, Inna Kovaleva, Lydia Hatfield, Monica Lobo

Spring 2014 on Franklin Street

former lab members

(L to R) Alex Samano, Hannah John, Sarah Slay, Meggan Alston, Chris Willett, AImee Deconinck, Katherine Malinski, Lauren Weidenhammer (front row) Melanie Tojong, Brenda Sanchez, Jeeyun Lee, and Maryann Bowyer.

Fall 2018

Current and former lab members






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