Research Projects

Our research investigates the ecology of infectious diseases of plants.  We have long-standing interests in the role of disease in biological invasions by plants, in modulating the effects of global environmental change on terrestrial ecosystems, and in feedbacks between the structure of host communities and the spread of pathogens. Recent additional interests include using ecophysiological traits to understand disease risk in complex host communities, and the dynamics of coinfection by multiple virus species.

Our current projects include:

The community ecology of viral pathogens - Causes and consequences of coinfection in hosts and vectors.

Predicting disease risk from community context and host phenotype: a trait-based approach.

The role of pathogens in competition between introduced and native grasses.


Our prior projects include:

Joint effects of global change and biological invasions on insect-vectored generalist pathogens.

Feedbacks between host community structure and pathogen spread.



To join our research on any of these projects, please see the section for prospective lab members: