Gastrulation in C. elegans

Movies of gastrulation of the endodermal precursor cells from:
Mechanisms of cell positioning during C. elegans gastrulation
Jen-Yi Lee and Bob Goldstein
Development (2003) 130: 307-320

Gastrulation, lateral view

Ea and Ep, the endoderm precursors, sink in towards the center of the embryo. (DIC imaging)

Gastrulation, ventral view

As Ea and Ep sink in towards the center of the embryo, their neighbors surround them. (DIC imaging)

Visualizing Cell Membranes During Gastrulation

Time lapse confocal images of a live embryo labeled with SynaptoRed to visualize cell membranes.  Asterisks label Ea and Ep. (fluorescence imaging)

Gastrulation in vitro

Time-lapse images of, from left to right, an intact embryo, a devitellinized embryo, and the progeny of an isolated P1 cell. (DIC imaging)

UNC Chapel Hill cytoskeleton and cell migration labs

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