Ai-Jiuan Wu

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       Ph.D, Biology, 2005. Sainsbury Laboratory-University of East Anglia at Norwich, UK. Advisor: Dr. John Rathjen.

       B.S., Microbiology, 1998. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Project Description:

To define and characterize additional host targets in Arabidopsis of two type III effector proteins, AvrB and AvrRpm1.



Darrell Desveaux*, Alex U. Singer*, Ai-Jiuan Wu*, Zachary Nimchuk, Laura Musselwhite, John Sondek, and Jeffery L. Dangl. 2007. Type III effector activation via nucleotide binding, phosphorylation and host target interaction. PLoS Pathogens 3, 456-69.
*Contributed equally to this work


Jeroen S. de Vries, Vasilios M.E. Andriotis, Ai-Jiuan Wu, and John P. Rathjen. 2006. Tomato Pto encodes a functional N-myristoylation motif that is required for signal transduction in Nicotiana benthamiana. Plant Journal 45, 31-45.


Ai-Jiuan Wu, Vasilios M.E. Andriotis, Marcus Durrant, and John P. Rathjen. 2004. A patch of surface-exposed residues mediates negative regulation of immune signaling by tomato Pto. Plant Cell 16, 2809-21.


Rui Lu, Isabelle Malcuit, Peter Moffett, Teresa Ruiz, Jack Peart, Ai-Jiuan Wu, John P. Rathjen, Abdelhafid Bendahmane, Louise Day and David C. Baulcombe. 2003. High throughput virus-induced gene silencing implicates heat shock protein 90 in plant disease resistance. EMBO J. 22, 5690-99.