Current Members

Shawn Ahmed

Shawn Ahmed

Principal Investigator


Bree Heestand

Postdoctoral Fellow


Katie Kretovich Billmyre

Postdoctoral Fellow


Steve Frenk

Postdoctoral Fellow


Maya Spichal

Postdoctoral Fellow


Charlie Longtine

Research Technician


Braxton Harris

Research Technician


Tina Xiang

Undergraduate Research Student

Former PhD students:

Denis Titov: left graduate school to seek enlightenment

Jacinth Mitchell:

Matt Simon: Postdoc with Vera Gorbunova (Rochester)

Luciana Leopold: Assistant Editor & Translator

Megan Brady: member of Jeff Sekelsky lab

Luda Shtessel: Medical Writer at EBSCO Information Services

Mariah Hanson: high school teacher

Mia Lowden: fellow at AAAS

Julie Boerckel: Assistant Professor at Campbell University


Former Postdoctoral Fellows:

Stacy Alvares: Postdoc in Dana Miller's Lab at the University of Washington

Aisa Sakaguchi: Assistant Professor at Osaka University, Japan

Theresa Zucchero: Assistant Professor at Methodist College, NC

Bettina Meier: Senior Fellow with Anton Gartner in Dundee, Scotland

Iuval Clejan:


Former Master's students:

Felix Peng:


Former Undergraduates:

Anna-Lisa Doebeley: undergraduate at University of Wisconsin, Madison

Chen Cheng: currently graduate student at University of California, Berkeley

Ashley Hedges: PharmD fellowship

Elizabeth Cotton: recent graduate

Kristy Cho: UNC school of public health undergraduate

Teresa Lee: currently a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley

Matt Eckler: PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz

Carolyn Hollands: currently a graduate student at the University of Chicago

Chris Smelick: in medical school at UNC Chapel Hill

Sarah Mense: currently a graduate student at Columbia University

Yan Zhao: currently a medical student at the University of North Carolina

Josh Eudailey: current position unknown

Aidan Spring: currently in Law School at the University of Dublin

Jasper Harris: currently working for Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Qi Peng: current position unknown

Taiwo Oki: current position unknown


Former Technicians:

Kyle Wang: currently med school resident at UNC Chapel Hill

Yan Liu: currently a technician with Kevin O'Connell at the NIH


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